Let's start from the very beginning.
We source our artists locally... and we like it that way

Every city tells a different tale - its never stale.
And so it goes: each event has its own 12 artists and its own set of judges (you) for the night.

Our artists are split into two groups who take to their canvases in a twenty minute clash.  While they paint (did we mention it is LIVE), our DJ spins, our MC keeps track of time and you take the walk of assessing each masterpiece to decide which artist's volt your valued vote will end up in.

"We have two winners," announces our MC, and they're through to the final round.

Each artists work makes is way to be displayed to kick off our secret auction.
(Affordable masterpieces alright...)

Round 2... repeat again (new music though)

It's the final twenty - four artists and you have one. last. vote.  A master emerges, who will claim the throne?


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